The Saar-Hunsrück walking trail

A wonderful walking route which links the Saar Bow, Trier and Idar-Oberstein. The hiking track will take you to the rich and varied scenery of amazing Saar-Hunsruck nature park. You will be passing the high ridges, valley crossing and rocky crags. Walkers will be rewarded with amazing views at every turns.

Hiking will start at the Cloef observation point. The hikers will have lots to see during the trek including the impressive rock formations which will take them into another world, banks of streams, shady woodland, view points for seeing miles. From Trier (Gemany’s oldest town), the route will be leading down to Kell am See and into the Ruwer and Moselle river with the delightful view, culture and history. The way from Grimburg Castle to Idar-Oberstein will take you to the long woodland section which is famous for the amazing relationship of light and shadow. You will have a great walking experience here. Immediately after Primstal reservoir you will see the wall of Celtic fortification. You will pass Mount Erberskopf – 818m and then to the Morbach.

The section from Hunsruch hills to Nahe valley is extremely varied with rich diversity of landscape and then to the trail will take you to the Idar-Oberstein. The whole trail has signs for the walker

trekking features

  • teahouse / lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude <2000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

The Saar-Hunsrück walking trail details

The Saar-Hunsrück walking trail |