South Beach Resort, Tanzania


6° 50' 56.7528" S, 39° 21' 19.0872" E

Located in the Kigamboni area or better known as South Beach, the resort overlooks a pristine ribbon of powdery sand and aquamarine waters, the South Beach Resort features an exclusive location on the Indian Ocean front.

South Beach Resort Hotel is Kigamboni’s most exquisite beach hotel, located comfortably away from the hustle and bustle of the city, 8 kms from the Kigamboni ferry. Offering an array of water sports and leisure activities, the resort is enjoyable for both residents and visitors.

Special features

  • Bar
  • Centrally located
  • Internet
  • Parking
  • quietly located
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • TV

South Beach Resort, Tanzania details

Address: P.O. Box 3034

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Great Place, but image is wrong!

The place is great, with its continental food, good service and brilliant atmosphere, you would never believe you are in Tanzania! However, the image shown is not South Beach Resort as it is located near the Indian Ocean.

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